summer ride

summer ride

Thursday, March 19, 2009


America, the greatest gentile nation on the earth, founded on Christian principles. I fully support our troops and the war effort, I don't get the "crazy" mindset of some people who want to cave-in and bow to terrorists, thinking that if we leave them alone they'll leave us alone.
Need we remind the USA about the 911. They attacked us, we have not only the right, but the responsibility to defend ourselves. In war things happen, but alot of America has turned into a nation of weak minded scaredy cats.
You say, "who do you think you are, you havent lost anyone over there". My son honorably served his tour there, walking patrols and clearing building and being shot at by cowards hiding in the civilian population. We wear uniforms, walk the streets and they call our troops cowards. And my Commanding Officer with his copilot were the first American pilot POW's in the first Iragi war, Dessert Storm.
If this Nation had done its job right and finished the first war we wouldn't be back there now. But the cowardness of many withdrew our troops before that could be done. So, we have no one to blame but ourselves.
We are the first nation all other Countries call on for help.
They want so much from us then turn their noses up at us when they don't need us anymore. When they can't defend themselves our phone rings. Like the nation we have helped secure freedom for, then they throw shoes at our President on national tv. Then, many gather and have a organized shoe throwing protest against our pressence.
But that is the quality that makes us great. Our forgiving spirit that lets us reach out to others in their time of desperation.
Even when we know they will eventually come to protest our very presence. Sometimes, maybe, we should just let them fight their own war then they'd appreciate us more.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another fishy story!!

Here it is, my trophy Kentucky bass . It was several years ago when I caught it.
Back in the day when I fished almost everyday of the year, not just those pretty days. I mean sometimes i fished when it was snowing and really cold.

From this point of view it looks downright scarey. Could you imagine being inhaled into that mouth? This is the last picture a bait fish ever sees. It's rightout frightening.
This bass is the Kentucky state fish. It has a large appetite but does not get as large or heavy as the American Black bass. Just looking at them together you could barely tell them apart. After some study you would learn their differences, but the easiest is the Ky bass has a "tooth" patch on the tongue.
Ky has a Ky. trophy fish program and it is a great program. Bass are not the only fish in the trophy program, you would be surprised at the many different types and species of fish in this program.
Many fishermen participate in it each year. No, it is not run through tournaments and there are no entry fees. Each participant can fish anytime they chose at their leasure. When you catch a trohy fish just go through the certification process and submit. It's simple.
It's a great fishing program for the entire family. Here is the link for fish Species and categories: eligibility list.
It's simple, it's easy so check it out and enjoy. Pass the word about the program.

Monday, March 16, 2009

If I had my choice

I love the old days when KNIGHTs and kings and kingdoms walked the earth. The "medieval times" as we know them. If I had my choice I would want to be born back in those days. I love the armor and all that time frame entails. I tell my wife all the time that my motorcycle is my iron horse and all I need is my sword and armor. She rolls her eyes and shakes her little head at me.

I like all kinds of swords and armor. My favorite is the types carried by the KINGHTs of old. The samurai sword era is my next favorite.

My favorite style sword is the ones carried by KNIGHTs, Here is my rendition of Excalibur. I love the story of King Arthur and his men. My all time favorite movie for this era is King Arthur w/Clive Owen, second is First Knight w/Sean Connery & Richard Gere.
What draws me so much to this era is the honor and chivalry and dedication to king & fellow KNIGHTs. I love qualities such as courage, loyalty, commitment and consideration for others, especially to the underpriviledged. I have always stood for those who could not defend themselves, sometimes against three or four at a time. I always thought how cowardly for two or more to pick on one. The odds aren't fair, so in I'd go to defend.