summer ride

summer ride

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Things remembered!

I was sitting today reading. After I finished I was thinking of a post for the day. The last few days have been busy and I haven't gotten to do any post's.
There are several different subjects that I want to do posts on so the next several days are covered. But today I wanted to post on the small things in life we as humans kinda cherish.
They may be insignificant to others but hold special places in our own hearts that can't be easily explained. We just know we like them and that's enough for us.
Well, this is one of them, my mother-n-law, Sandy, got this for me on one of their trips. It's carved out of real antler. It's from Montana. We have had it for several years now and is one of those gifts that I hold dear. Sometimes in this life it's the little things that have the most meaning.
Look around and do an inventory, I believe we'll all be surprised at the little things we have that bring smiles to our faces today.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I want one each please!

Here is the BMW Mini XXL. I don't think I could get Sharon to drive me around in it, she'd want me to drive her.

I think we'll have to extend the garagre area??????????

1966 Shelby Cobra "Super Snake". This car is awesome. It just sold for 5.5 million. I counted all our money and I was just a little short, darn that other $5,499,998.82. Well maybe next time!

Man, 8 doors and jacked to the sky. My blood is ragging. Wouldn't this be cool to pull up to church in. I can just see the pastors eyes. Everything we do own to drive is some shade of red, even the kid's cars are red. My favorite color is a deep burgundy red. And this thing is red to beat, I think that's a sign.

Honey where's your money stash???????????

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home sweet home!

Mar 17, 09-Magen and me fishing at our pond in front of our house. I'm facing toward our house.
Miles is sitting with us, he is named after Sharon's dad, who is buried up behind where miles is sitting.

This is directly infront of our house, we enjoy fishing in this pond that was built and stocked by Sharon's parents 30 yrs ago.

To the left is the cabin her parents built 25 yrs ago, Sharon's brother (Brian) and family live there now.
Our house is to the right, we started construction in 1997, cleared the land by hand and Sharon and I did all the work ourselves exterior and enterior. My father-n-law Jimmy Wallace, helped us put on the wooden siding. Building our own house was a dream come true for both of us and as dreams go, don't really want to dream that dream again.

Our house is directly to the left and the cabin is directly to the right. They are out of picture.
The two bottom pic's are taken directly oppisite each other.
(bottom two pic's taken Oct. 2004)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

3/22/2009 My how time fly's!

Here is Br. Bobby and wife.
Last night Sharon and I went to our Church to celebrate his 50th birthday. His family came in from everywhere, several from out of state.
They invited everyone from the Church who could come. There was food and cake and soda. We all had a great time. Just before we finished eating they played a video of pictures all about Bobby. From his childhood to the present. Believe me, there were some cute pictures, some cool pictures and some that where hilarious. So we all ate and watched and laughed many times very hard.

To wrap thing up beore the cake, they took Bobby up on stage and "roasted" him. Pastor Hobbs was first, Br. Bill, then Bobby's Brother and then Br Daryl.
They made us laugh and Bobby would sometimes blush and cover his face (nothing bad just funny). When they would start a story, Bobby would roll his head and begin laughing and that would make us anticipate the story even more.
We enjoyed ourselves and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY"!!!!!!!!!