summer ride

summer ride

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A visiting we do go

Friday afternoon we had a visit with the N-laws. It was a good time.
Here is my Father-n-law, Jimmy, he is watching UK get their shorts beat off them. During commercial breaks he was always up waiting on the cats, I think they have him trained pretty good. I think I'll send Sharon over there for some of that "waiting on" training. I wonder how much that'd cost me??????????

Here is Sharon & her mom, we spent alot of time learning different stuff from each other because we all blog. Sandy knows all kinds of little tricks to get things done quickly so Sharon and I paid close attention. We found and signed up for our online Picasa accounts. That was cool because we didn't know how to set them up, turns out Google set them up for us, we just had to "code" in. I spent some time today squaring mine away.
Here is one of their cats; can't remember its name. Seems human names ain't the only ones I have trouble remembering. All their cat are healthy, I wish ours were. One week ours are fat the next their skin and bones (diet stays the same). They also had three kittens that just opened their eyes. Had to threaten Sharon to stay away from them. I gotta watch Jimmy he'll slip one of them kittens into Sharons pocket and I know she wouldn't say anything until we got home. Looking forward to another visit.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Here's a picture on our deck March 10, 09. It's 80 degress and we visited, ate and fished. It was a great fun day.

Then 2 1/2 days later, March 13, 09, we have 3 ins of snow and down in the 30's. My wife got up 1 hr before me and went out on the deck and took a picture of the snow, I got up while she was in her prayer closet and without kowing it, went out and took this picture of the snow. Comparing them later, they were exactly the same picture. Great minds think alike, I've got her trained well.

Here's another morning picture, again my wife took almost the same exact picture 1 hr before. The difference here is I took mine through the kitchen window and she actually went out on the deck.

When we got home from church last night( ) it was snowing hard so we let the critters in and here they are together. I think the cat is confused as to its species/genus????????????? He lays with the dogs all the time. Mankind should learn to get past the barriers that divide us.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I hope I can pull this off

Here is a picture of a book we sent to our pastor. He liked it. The care and growth of Gods' people is his heart, and the Bible refers to His children as sheep.
For those who are interested, I have another Blog dedicated solely to Christian themes. There will be writings, issues and pictures directed toward Christiain concerns for today. Everything will draw attention toward Christian lifestyles and events. The address is (Sharon just taught me how to do links, I love it.)
I know everyone will not be interested in this type of blog, but I desire to do it, so it will not hurt my feelings for people not to comment there but feel free to if you want to.
Hopefully I can keep this blog, THE VOICE, for lighter hearted subjects.
Now I'm off to the dentist...oooohhhh....boy.....!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New to the blog

I've added a couple of gadgets to my blog, they're on the right side and at the bottom of the page. They are test runs to see how I like them (subject to change w/out warning).
If anyone can tell me how to easily widen my blog, let me know. I tried to do what my mother-n-law told me but can't get it done. I like my template but everything is crowded to the center. I worked for 2 hrs and can't change it, I'm tired and a blog idiot.
ps: If you've dared read this far as you can see I got my blog widened, I took a chance and rewrote the Html. I did one item line at a time in case I royally messed it up. So far I like it. Maybe I'm not such an idiot!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A favorite passtime

March 10, 2009 this is the first bass of the year, it's about 11 1/2 in. long, The angle distorts the picture and does not give the true size to the bass. This is possibly the worst way to take a picture. I ended up catching eleven bass in 1 1/2 hours . We have this large pond right in front of the house.

This is the bait, I worked it slow, cold water and the fish are still lethargic, about one foot under the water. After 1 1/2 hr, they quit hitting. I needed to change baits but was already tired so back to the house I went. I can catch fish anytime, and have proven this to my wife on several occasions. Water temp/color, time of day, barometric pressure, clear/overcast,..ect. All you need to do is read these factors, match the bait and cast.
The fish are always in the water, you just need to know what/how to offer them the bait. Fishing is just a matter of matching the conditions with the presentation. I used to fish somewhere everyday, boy those were the days.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A couple of things in my day

Being off with this blood clot in my leg has allowed my wife Sharon and I alot of time together. She has me sitting everynight with her on our oversized sofa. At first I rebelled because I really like my recliner, but now I look forward to our time together. After she goes to slep (8ish) I slink back to the recliner, and this happens.

And here is how my evenings usually end. He likes to crawl up right under your chin, so it's a task to get him where he's at. Once he settles in he's ok. Our Simese cat, she's either in my lap or beside my legs in the recliner. It's nice to be so loved. And this goes on night...after...night. I wonder who has who trained??????????????????? I need a vacation!!!!!!!!!!!