summer ride

summer ride

Saturday, November 21, 2009

11.21.2009 Work! what's that?

Had to take some time and remember what work really was.
Oh, so that's what it looks like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

11.14.2009 So that's what it's like

With all the free time this year, we haven't taken many m-cycle trips. I've only worked about 3 1/2 months the entire year.
So although we had the time, we didn't have the money. We spent alot of time trying to sell "stuff" just to pay the bills. Thank goodness we had stuff to sell.
So today I thought I would just spend some time remembering what it used to be like to ride. Thank goodness for memories too.
OOOOOHHHHHH, I remember now, I can feel the wind in my hair!
Gotta get my motor running. I think I'll start my bike just to hear it run.

Ride 2007

Ride 2004

Ride 2008

Ride 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

11.13.2009 Cool things

There are some things that are just cool. They are many times impractical, but hey we still for some reason, like them. The pictures above are of what i like to call "cool things". My wife rolls her eyes at me when i see them or want to take pictures of them. She says what purpose does that serve, it's just a thing.
But I'll take it anyway and she lets me be me. They would serve no real practicable purpose in my life, but if i could get them, I WOULD!!!!!!!!
I guest that's the little boy inside of me.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11.11.2009 Who's really in control

It seems my life goes on and on but nothing really changes. I'm like that saying on my M-n-Laws blog. "Inside every old person is a young person saying, what happened".
We inherited my dad's cat, Princes, in 2000. She follows me everywhere I go, yes even to the bathroom. I feel like she is my shadow.
Anywhere I start to sit down she is already airborn and when my hinney hits the chair within a split seconds she lands perfectly in my lap. Then she'll look me dead in the eyes as if saying "I wuv u".
It gets on my nerves so bad but then that little look, I really think she has me "TRAINED". Then I get on my own nerves for letting her control me so. But then things never really change do they? So we'll keep up this cycle of sit, leap, land, look.......
Well here we are today, Princes and I, she has me so wipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11, 10,2009 NEW LOOK

Here's my bike a few months ago. I have always loved this look. I love my bike.

The cold weather sapped the juice out of my battery. So Monday I had to jump it. In the process I had to take the back seat, backrest and luggage rack all off just to get the front seat off to get to the battery area. Usually doing all of this is not needed. Too many details to go into here, plus I just want to forget the experience.
I got the bike started and the battery recharged, (back on top now)!!!!! Putting the accessories back on and I hit upon a great ideal, leave the backrest off. With all the kids grown and riding their own bikes now, I don't have to cover an extra rider. Another reason I've keep the backrest is because my bike has become the pack horse for almost all our "stuff" when we go on trips, something that always gets my nerves.
I figured leave the backrest off and if we go on vacation it is only five minutes and the backrest is back on. Sooooo here is the bike as it sets now. Bikes always take better pictures from the other side when on the kickstand, unless you have one like my M-n-Laws that stand straight up when in park.

I don't know if I'm completely sold on the NEW LOOK yet but I'll try anything. One good thing about all the accessories is you can mix/match and it's like having several different bikes.

Time will tell with this version.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

4/18/2009 How dare he

Disturbing, the image of America submitting to Islam!

I don't know if you all saw the news the other day on President obama visiting arab nations. But if you didn't, here is what he did.
While visiting an arab nation he bowed down and kissed the ring of that countries leader. This demonstrates a submissive act on the part of the United States of America. Never do we as free people bow to any man, especially a leader of another country.
With this act, our president was paying homage to that leader as a superior thereby putting us (US) in the role as submissive servants. Things in this country are changing at an accelerated pace.
As far as I'm concerned with this act our president has shown a lack of true leadership and guts to stand side by side with other leaders as equals in the leading of our Nation. How dare any President of the US bow to any leader. This is not a show of respect but one of cowardliness. Our leaders need to get a backbone and take a stand.
If we are not careful and attentive to our country and government, we wont even recognize it by the end of obamas first term.
Many will say that I being to picky, but it is a possibility that by the end of obamas first term we will be legally with holding proper medication for our elderly because they are determined to not posses a quality of life and the legal killing of new born babies for the same reason.
They are already saying that time out punishment for a child is abuse and that taking our children to Church is a form of abuse.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fast but really tired!

4/11/2009 Fast and really tired!
After four months of doing nothing but recuperating, we have one house to build. It's on Lake Linville, Mount Vernon , Ky. This is from the back facing the lake. As you can see the view is beautiful.
We started April, Tuesday 7th, 09.

Here we are April, Thursday 9th, 09, we are top plating all the walls in the house. You can see the lake in the back ground.

April, Thursday 9th, 09, we are all finished ready to start the ceiling joists and roof. Three days and ready for the roof, we didn't work Friday because of rain so we had a day off.
I was glad for the day off, because I was so tired and sooooo sore.