summer ride

summer ride

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11, 10,2009 NEW LOOK

Here's my bike a few months ago. I have always loved this look. I love my bike.

The cold weather sapped the juice out of my battery. So Monday I had to jump it. In the process I had to take the back seat, backrest and luggage rack all off just to get the front seat off to get to the battery area. Usually doing all of this is not needed. Too many details to go into here, plus I just want to forget the experience.
I got the bike started and the battery recharged, (back on top now)!!!!! Putting the accessories back on and I hit upon a great ideal, leave the backrest off. With all the kids grown and riding their own bikes now, I don't have to cover an extra rider. Another reason I've keep the backrest is because my bike has become the pack horse for almost all our "stuff" when we go on trips, something that always gets my nerves.
I figured leave the backrest off and if we go on vacation it is only five minutes and the backrest is back on. Sooooo here is the bike as it sets now. Bikes always take better pictures from the other side when on the kickstand, unless you have one like my M-n-Laws that stand straight up when in park.

I don't know if I'm completely sold on the NEW LOOK yet but I'll try anything. One good thing about all the accessories is you can mix/match and it's like having several different bikes.

Time will tell with this version.

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  1. With those nice saddle bags you'll still be hauling everyone elses stuff around, hahaha. I like the new look, but I like the old look too!