summer ride

summer ride

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11.11.2009 Who's really in control

It seems my life goes on and on but nothing really changes. I'm like that saying on my M-n-Laws blog. "Inside every old person is a young person saying, what happened".
We inherited my dad's cat, Princes, in 2000. She follows me everywhere I go, yes even to the bathroom. I feel like she is my shadow.
Anywhere I start to sit down she is already airborn and when my hinney hits the chair within a split seconds she lands perfectly in my lap. Then she'll look me dead in the eyes as if saying "I wuv u".
It gets on my nerves so bad but then that little look, I really think she has me "TRAINED". Then I get on my own nerves for letting her control me so. But then things never really change do they? So we'll keep up this cycle of sit, leap, land, look.......
Well here we are today, Princes and I, she has me so wipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I couldn't help but chuckle out loud when I saw Princess in your sweatshirt. Jimmy has a cat just like your Princess. What is it with you guys and your cats who seem to adore you so much??? Jybow is a bit lazier than Princess and just waits until Jimmy is comfortably seated before she makes her nest in his lap.