summer ride

summer ride

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fast but really tired!

4/11/2009 Fast and really tired!
After four months of doing nothing but recuperating, we have one house to build. It's on Lake Linville, Mount Vernon , Ky. This is from the back facing the lake. As you can see the view is beautiful.
We started April, Tuesday 7th, 09.

Here we are April, Thursday 9th, 09, we are top plating all the walls in the house. You can see the lake in the back ground.

April, Thursday 9th, 09, we are all finished ready to start the ceiling joists and roof. Three days and ready for the roof, we didn't work Friday because of rain so we had a day off.
I was glad for the day off, because I was so tired and sooooo sore.


  1. I would love that lot on the lake

  2. Is that my surprise!? I'm so excited! I heard from the rumor mill that you were building my retirement that true???