summer ride

summer ride

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Marvels that fascinate!

4/4/20009 Sailing ships.
Here is another of my favorite time lines in the world, the old ships that sailed the high seas. I love movies that have these older ships in them.

As I watch them I am amazed at how they were ale to build them and actually sail across the oceans, especially when the storms raged on them.

I don't have any desire to ever have been on one of them as a crew member or anything like that. I just love the way they moved on the seas and survived the storms.

It's fascinating to me to watch them rise and dip in the waves of the oceans. The water breaking over the bow and sides, sometimes the thing looks like it's going under, then it pops back up.


  1. I'd love to be on one, but not in a storm and only for a day trip.

  2. There are beautiful. I have been at sea and I need to use the pills the doc prescribes otherwise it is just rolling misery for me at sea.

  3. Never been on a big sailboat just a little tiny tiny one.The water was thrown in my face a lot but it was to much fun.

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