summer ride

summer ride

Friday, March 13, 2009


Here's a picture on our deck March 10, 09. It's 80 degress and we visited, ate and fished. It was a great fun day.

Then 2 1/2 days later, March 13, 09, we have 3 ins of snow and down in the 30's. My wife got up 1 hr before me and went out on the deck and took a picture of the snow, I got up while she was in her prayer closet and without kowing it, went out and took this picture of the snow. Comparing them later, they were exactly the same picture. Great minds think alike, I've got her trained well.

Here's another morning picture, again my wife took almost the same exact picture 1 hr before. The difference here is I took mine through the kitchen window and she actually went out on the deck.

When we got home from church last night( ) it was snowing hard so we let the critters in and here they are together. I think the cat is confused as to its species/genus????????????? He lays with the dogs all the time. Mankind should learn to get past the barriers that divide us.


  1. Just as we cannot control the weather,neither can we control our daily lives.There is only one that has total control.Our One True God and I try as hard as I can to surrender control of my life to Him.

  2. We have ever changing weather here in Kentucky with one day warm enough to be out in a t-shirt and the next you need a winter coat.

    I borrowed you critter picture and it's posted on the Catzilla and Friends blog dated Friday, March 13, 2009. It was such a cute picture that I couldn't pass it up.