summer ride

summer ride

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I hope I can pull this off

Here is a picture of a book we sent to our pastor. He liked it. The care and growth of Gods' people is his heart, and the Bible refers to His children as sheep.
For those who are interested, I have another Blog dedicated solely to Christian themes. There will be writings, issues and pictures directed toward Christiain concerns for today. Everything will draw attention toward Christian lifestyles and events. The address is (Sharon just taught me how to do links, I love it.)
I know everyone will not be interested in this type of blog, but I desire to do it, so it will not hurt my feelings for people not to comment there but feel free to if you want to.
Hopefully I can keep this blog, THE VOICE, for lighter hearted subjects.
Now I'm off to the dentist...oooohhhh....boy.....!!!!!


  1. I hope the dentist didn't make you cry to much ;(

  2. Our pastor already knows we smell.But as the song says, What can wash away our sins, nothing but the Blood of Jesus.