summer ride

summer ride

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A visiting we do go

Friday afternoon we had a visit with the N-laws. It was a good time.
Here is my Father-n-law, Jimmy, he is watching UK get their shorts beat off them. During commercial breaks he was always up waiting on the cats, I think they have him trained pretty good. I think I'll send Sharon over there for some of that "waiting on" training. I wonder how much that'd cost me??????????

Here is Sharon & her mom, we spent alot of time learning different stuff from each other because we all blog. Sandy knows all kinds of little tricks to get things done quickly so Sharon and I paid close attention. We found and signed up for our online Picasa accounts. That was cool because we didn't know how to set them up, turns out Google set them up for us, we just had to "code" in. I spent some time today squaring mine away.
Here is one of their cats; can't remember its name. Seems human names ain't the only ones I have trouble remembering. All their cat are healthy, I wish ours were. One week ours are fat the next their skin and bones (diet stays the same). They also had three kittens that just opened their eyes. Had to threaten Sharon to stay away from them. I gotta watch Jimmy he'll slip one of them kittens into Sharons pocket and I know she wouldn't say anything until we got home. Looking forward to another visit.


  1. That's the cat that will take a swipe at everyone but me.:)
    Had fun that day.

  2. I enjoyed the visit very much too, and that cat is Hopalong aka Catzilla....she has her own blog too.