summer ride

summer ride

Monday, March 16, 2009

If I had my choice

I love the old days when KNIGHTs and kings and kingdoms walked the earth. The "medieval times" as we know them. If I had my choice I would want to be born back in those days. I love the armor and all that time frame entails. I tell my wife all the time that my motorcycle is my iron horse and all I need is my sword and armor. She rolls her eyes and shakes her little head at me.

I like all kinds of swords and armor. My favorite is the types carried by the KINGHTs of old. The samurai sword era is my next favorite.

My favorite style sword is the ones carried by KNIGHTs, Here is my rendition of Excalibur. I love the story of King Arthur and his men. My all time favorite movie for this era is King Arthur w/Clive Owen, second is First Knight w/Sean Connery & Richard Gere.
What draws me so much to this era is the honor and chivalry and dedication to king & fellow KNIGHTs. I love qualities such as courage, loyalty, commitment and consideration for others, especially to the underpriviledged. I have always stood for those who could not defend themselves, sometimes against three or four at a time. I always thought how cowardly for two or more to pick on one. The odds aren't fair, so in I'd go to defend.


  1. You would be a great knight! You make a great one today fighting for Gods' cause.

  2. I love those kinds of movies too.
    I think that you have a lot in common with Jason, who is Allison's husband...that's Sharon's cousin.
    He collects swords like you do and also teaches sword fighting.