summer ride

summer ride

Sunday, March 22, 2009

3/22/2009 My how time fly's!

Here is Br. Bobby and wife.
Last night Sharon and I went to our Church to celebrate his 50th birthday. His family came in from everywhere, several from out of state.
They invited everyone from the Church who could come. There was food and cake and soda. We all had a great time. Just before we finished eating they played a video of pictures all about Bobby. From his childhood to the present. Believe me, there were some cute pictures, some cool pictures and some that where hilarious. So we all ate and watched and laughed many times very hard.

To wrap thing up beore the cake, they took Bobby up on stage and "roasted" him. Pastor Hobbs was first, Br. Bill, then Bobby's Brother and then Br Daryl.
They made us laugh and Bobby would sometimes blush and cover his face (nothing bad just funny). When they would start a story, Bobby would roll his head and begin laughing and that would make us anticipate the story even more.
We enjoyed ourselves and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY"!!!!!!!!!

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  1. he is a true brother to me in every since of the word.H e has helped me out alot every since I met him.Everyone says call Bobby sox he'll help you.He has a pure heart to help people.His sweet little daddy passed away Sunday.My heart goes out to him.