summer ride

summer ride

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Things remembered!

I was sitting today reading. After I finished I was thinking of a post for the day. The last few days have been busy and I haven't gotten to do any post's.
There are several different subjects that I want to do posts on so the next several days are covered. But today I wanted to post on the small things in life we as humans kinda cherish.
They may be insignificant to others but hold special places in our own hearts that can't be easily explained. We just know we like them and that's enough for us.
Well, this is one of them, my mother-n-law, Sandy, got this for me on one of their trips. It's carved out of real antler. It's from Montana. We have had it for several years now and is one of those gifts that I hold dear. Sometimes in this life it's the little things that have the most meaning.
Look around and do an inventory, I believe we'll all be surprised at the little things we have that bring smiles to our faces today.


  1. I forgot she gave that to you.She brought me turquoise jewelry from a Indian reservation. I keep mine in my homemade jewelry box my sister made me.
    I have a lot of sentimental gifts I cherish more than anything I've ever bought. I can sell my stuff easily, but I could never part from my sentimental gifts.

  2. YOU are one of those gifts that bring joy into my life and a smile to my face.