summer ride

summer ride

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I want one each please!

Here is the BMW Mini XXL. I don't think I could get Sharon to drive me around in it, she'd want me to drive her.

I think we'll have to extend the garagre area??????????

1966 Shelby Cobra "Super Snake". This car is awesome. It just sold for 5.5 million. I counted all our money and I was just a little short, darn that other $5,499,998.82. Well maybe next time!

Man, 8 doors and jacked to the sky. My blood is ragging. Wouldn't this be cool to pull up to church in. I can just see the pastors eyes. Everything we do own to drive is some shade of red, even the kid's cars are red. My favorite color is a deep burgundy red. And this thing is red to beat, I think that's a sign.

Honey where's your money stash???????????


  1. I'll take the blue roadster.We could always have it painted.

  2. My m-cycle is red too. I guess we're just a family who likes shades of red. I'd like that roadster in red please.